Simple, Solid Greenhouse Kits.
Your Canadian built Caterpillar Tunnel.

We build affordable greenhouse kits for Canadians that allow for anyone to extend their growing season. Built by professional greenhouse operators for customers just like you!

Affordable. Simple. Solid.

We set out to design a greenhouse that met these three criteria. At a price point in reach of every grower, our GrowHoops are as solid and straightforward as they come.


The gothic arch design allows snow to easily slide off in the winter; while the cross bracing and use of 1-5/8" diameter tubing stiffens the arches for the high winds we experience.

Hand built in southern Alberta

Seeing poor quality options being imported from overseas we decided to develop our own style of caterpillar tunnel. Each GrowHoop is designed and built just north of Coaldale, Alberta!

Made By Greenhouse Owners

GrowHoops is a sister company to Mans Organics, organic growers in Southern Alberta since 2010. We know what it takes to build and grow in a great greenhouse!

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Which GrowHoop is right for you?

We like to keep things simple.

Simple keeps costs low and customers happy.

We currently offer three GrowHoops: a “mini” greenhouse, one that is 55 feet long and one that is 105 feet long. They include the frame kit, all hardware, plastic and instructions. 

"The Mini"


Ships in 5 days

"The 55"


Ships in 5 days

"The 105"


Ships in 5 days

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1-5/8” 16 gauge galvanized tubing arches
  • 48” rebar ground anchor and stainless steel anchor plates
  • 1-5/8” 17 gauge top purlin
  • 1-3/8” 17 gauge collar ties
  • 1-3/8” 17 gauge wind bracing
  • 2 post endwalls
  • 1 scissor door
  • 6 mil greenhouse poly as required depending on size
  • 1/4” nylon rope as required
  • (Landscape fabric and sandbags not included / they are not required and based on the growers preference)

The dimensions of our greenhouse were purposefully planned. Having our longer greenhouses 16′ wide allows for four 30″ wide beds with walkways. The 55′ GrowHoop allows for industry standard 50′ of growing beds with 5′ of extra space to be used at the ends of the greenhouse for access. Likewise the 105′ GrowHoop can hold 100′ of growing beds with 5′ of extra space as well.

Yes, a drip system with 2 lines for 4 beds and including the necessary filter, fittings and pressure regulator is available for $485 for “The 105” and $345 for “The 55”.  For “The Mini” it is 6 rows of drip and is $245. An overhead system using Netafim SpinNets at 3′ spacing including the necessary filter, fittings and pressure regulator is available also for $425 for “The 105” and $325 for “The 55”.  Please contact us for more details!

Currently we ship across Canada. 

Shipping is quoted for each order!  Feel free to contact us for this before placing an order.  Local pickups are welcome.  

Cost Ranges:

AB – $400 – $600

BC – $500 – $900

SK – $500 – $700

MB and further east -$550 – $1000

Currently we are looking at a 1  week lead time.

It takes our staff of 3 about 12 hours to assemble a 55′ Growhoop and about 16 hours for a 100′ GrowHoop. 

Not at this time, however this is something we are considering for our Canadian customers. Interested in becoming a GrowHoops tech? Contact us at


Have any questions about our GrowHoops? Let us know by filling out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly!